About Us

Metro Fiber Networks is a licensed telecommunication service provider.  Providing IRU dark fiber leasing and point to point circuits, in order to offer alternate solutions to the high bandwidth needs of businesses of all types and sizes. 

Metro Fiber Networks was formed with several goals in mind; create a carrier neutral fiber provider to bring carriers into the Hampton Roads market to compete with current carriers and fulfill the high demand to securely transport data on an uninhibited fiber network with bandwidth control. Since its inception MFN has done just that, constructing a vast network of over 200 route miles of high count fiber reaching from the Cable Landing Station in Virginia Beach to QTS Richmond NAP,  in Henrico County. This one of a kind network is 100% underground with two subsea portions, crossing the York River and the Hampton Roads Harbor, adding to the uniqueness of this valuable network . With the support of Gary Tarpley, owner and president, and Metro Fiber Networks’ parent company Cable Associates, Inc. MFN's goals have become a reality.

Metro Fiber Networks is proud to own, operate, and maintain 100% of its unique underground and subsea fiber footprint that was strategically positioned around high tech and industrial parks as well as hundreds of cell tower sites. We are ready to help with any dark fiber needs you may require.

Completely Underground


Our network proves to be a unique footprint as it is the only 100% underground network of its kind in this area. 

Excellent Leadership


Gary Tarpley, founder, owner, and CEO,  has over 35 years of industry experience and is the driving force behind the company. 

River Crossings


With our marine division we completed two subsea crossings to protect our valuable network from natural weather elements and aging infrastructure.